1. The selected student must meet the requirements for admission before the commencement of the course.
  2. The study support(scholarship)is not transferable.
  3. The participation should take place in the assigned edition of the Italian Pastry Program, starting in July 2022 (1st edition)
  4. Acceptance of the study support should be confirmed on or before May 11th 2022 – Confirmation includes the submission of the enrolment form and payment of enrolment fee.
  5. Failure to confirm enrolment within the deadline will be considered as a formal withdrawal. In the event of non-confirmation or formal renouncement, it will result in the annulment of the study support.
  6. The study support cannot be combined with other current promotions
  7. In case of failure to obtain visa or rejection of VISA, the study support cannot be availed. In this case, we will refund the enrolment fee (or single fee) and any other fees already paid.
  8. Payment of the course fees need to be completed as per mentioned in the enrolment papers T&C. Failure to complete payment of enrolment fee within the deadline will be considered a formal withdrawal.
  9. The School reserves the right to cancel the course prior to its commencement and postpone the participation of the winner to the following available intake, by giving notice in writing (if possible, at least within 45 days before the beginning of the course) if:
    a) an insufficient number of students should enrol in the course; or
    b) the necessary conditions to commence the course do not exist.
  10. ALMA will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performing, any of our obligations under this agreement due to reasons of force majeure or to an event beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, changes in the current laws and regulations, actions or delays by any government authority, or refusals on behalf of any such authority to grant the necessary consents or licenses, and in general due to reasons of force majeure that cannot be attributed to the School, including national and local strikes and delays or defaults of third parties or suppliers, natural forces, such as but not limited to earthquakes, floods, pandemic, etc.
  11. Should a case of force majeure occur between the time of the conclusion of the contract and that of its performance and/or during its performance, ALMA reserves the right to modify the course calendar and/or the way the lessons are held, in order to adopt solutions to remedy, or at least limit, the consequences of the case of force majeure, removed and renounced as of now any exception by the enrolled person.

  12. זכויות יוצרים
    המועמד מאשר שהזכויות של התמונות הם של המועמד עצמו ומאשר את שימוש בהן ע"י צד שלישי. לאלמה ו/או אתר ויפלומה לא תהיה אחריות על תביעה בגין שימוש בתמונות אילו. המועמד מאשר לאלמה ו/או אתר ויפלומה להשתמש בתמונות ובטקסטים ללא תשלום, בכל הפלטפורמות וללא הגבלת זמן.